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Tri Counties Biogas

Tri Counties Biogas Ltd is focused on producing high quality feedstock as used in the Anaerobic Digestion (AD) industry, we aim to do this in the most sustainable fashion whilst maximising financial returns for you the grower.

Welcome to Tri Counties Biogas, we are primarily focused on the harvesting and storage of a wide range of crops including: rye grass, maize, whole crop wheat & barley and grass silage to be used in one of Europe's largest AD plants. Using the latest technology and machinery we aim to offer a service which is both efficient and cost effective whilst trying to maximise the sustainability of our operations.

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We were looking for an alternative crop to help us fight against blackgrass. By supplying Tri Counties Biogas we got a guaranteed return for our crop.
The returns made on growing Rye and Maize this year have lead us to increase our acreage next year, energy crops now form a vital role in our business.
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