We are committed to making our operations as environmentally sustainable as possible in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

In an attempt to lessen our impact we have invested in modern machinery using the latest emission control systems combined with the most current precision farming technology.

This not only allows accurate yield mapping, precise record keeping but gives us real time data as to the performance of machinery, allowing for changes to be made in order to maximise productivity and efficiency.

Our responsibility to minimise our impact includes looking at future projects including: CNG (compressed natural gas) in both a lorry and tractor fleet. This technology has huge potential to reduce huge potential and whilst widely adopted in counties such as the USA and Germany, Tri Counties Biogas is pushing the boundaries within the UK

As part of our commitment to detailing the carbon footprint of our business we are required to provide information relating to the production of crops harvested to be included in a sustainability report. This sustainability report is necessary in order to complete regular audits on our operations and that of the plant.



The financial benefits found from growing energy crops are particularly impressive.

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Growing energy crops provides a range of benefits. Additional crop to the rotation allowing for improved grass weed control, sustainability, access to digestive from AD plant.

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