Tri Counties Biogas Haulage


Located in Andover, Hampshire, South West England we offer both liquid waste management and bulk haulage services, tailored to your specific requirements. We operate a fleet of modern vehicles capable of moving large volumes in an efficient and timely manner. Utilising specialist low tare weight tractor units and trailers we are capable of moving maximum volumes in the shortest period of time possible. 

Employing experienced drivers, combined with dedicated management team we are able to overcome specific challenges presented by jobs. All drivers are fully trained with regular audits being carried out to ensure the safety and reliability of our equipment is maintained. All vehicles are GPS tracked ensuring driver compliance, also guaranteeing  vehicle performance is maximised. 


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Liquid Waste Management & Tanker Hire In Andover


Tri Counties Biogas offers a range of liquid waste disposal and spreading  services dealing with: digestate, leachate, flood water, slurries & manures, liquid food waste and other non hazardous liquids. Using a modern fleet of 44t articulated lorry units combined with low tare weight aluminium tankers it is possible to move high volumes of liquids at competitive rates. Having detailed knowledge of the industry we are not only able to transport a large range of liquid wastes but offer disposal services including spreading and clearance. 


Bulk Haulage 


With experience in moving large tonnages of bulk products to one of the largest anaerobic digesters in the country we are well placed to offer bulk haulage solutions for many different products, covering both the industrial and agricultural sectors. By only using new vehicles and trailers we ensure the reliability of our fleet combined with a modern and professional image.  5 x 480hp Mercedes Actros tractor units equipped with mini-mid-lift axles are capable of carrying maximum weight per load, ensuring our operations are efficient and sustainable.

Using experienced drivers comes an abundance of knowledge allowing every-day challenges to be overcome with ease. 

Liquid Spreading 


Complementing the liquid waste transport business we  offer a spreading service for a range of liquid wastes, including: digestate and liquid manures. Using two high capacity field based tankers outputs of circa 1000 cubic metres per day are achievable, whilst maintaining the accuracy of applications through +/- 2cm accuracy via GPS. Application methods include: 36m or 24m dribble bar, 6m grassland disc injector or 5.2m tine cultivator. 

Both tankers are equipped with full recording capability ensuring compliance and accurate record keeping for customers. Where temporary storage is required we are able to utilise a 100 cubic metre holding tank, allowing for increased efficiency and decreased downtime for the spreaders. 

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